My Many Colored Days
Lyrics by Dr. Seuss, Music by Richard Einhorn

My Many Colored Days By DR. SEUSS is an exciting new piece for symphony orchestra and narrator by acclaimed composer RICHARD EINHORN. Inspired by the latest Dr. Seuss bestseller, it is joyful, clever, and sassy music that will delight the child in all of us.

Commissioned by the Minnesota Orchestra and recorded by them for a video and DVD release with music director Eiji Oue conducting, My Many Colored Days is a dazzling kaleidoscope of musical invention. For Happy Pink Days the entire orchestra puts down their instruments and claps with the audience. Black Days features a spectacular timpani solo that stopped the show at the first performance!

My Many Colored Days has the rhythmic energy and intensity to appeal immediately to the youngest audiences. Yet it is also a highly original symphonic work by an accomplished American composer. It will thrill an audience of any age!

DR. SEUSS (Ted Geisel) is one of the greatest authors of children's books. My Many Colored Days is a bestseller and one of Dr. Seuss's most personal books.


2 Flutes (1 Doubling Piccolo)

2 Oboes

2 Clarinets (Bb)

2 Bassoons

2 Trumpets (Bb)

4 French Horns in F

2 Tenor Trombones

1 Bass Trombone

1 Tuba

Percussion (2 players) 2 marimbas, snare, bass drum

4 Timpani

1 Celesta

2 Harps



Beth Beauchamp