Shock Waves at Lincoln Center!

The first film I ever composed music for — back in 1976 — was called Shock Waves and starred Peter Cushing, John Carradine, and Brook Adams. It was one of the first all-electronic scores for any feature film. And it turns out, Shock Waves was just screened at Lincoln Center! They wrote (scroll down): 

"The same year he appeared as Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars, Peter Cushing also played another grand villain in Shock Waves: a former SS commander involved in the creation of aquatic Nazi zombies as secret weapons. The “Death Corps” project was a failed endeavor to say the least, and now, after their boat begins to sink, a group of tourists find themselves on the island where the commander and the water-based menaces still reside. With a cast that also includes Brooke Adams as one of the shipwrecked and John Carradine as the captain, this odd, atmospheric little shocker by Ken Wiederhorn (who dabbled again with the walking dead for Return of the Living Dead II), started a long tradition of Nazi zombie flicks, and it still remains the finest."

Richard Einhorn