What the Critics Have Said about The Spires... :

"The sound of a harmonica can be as haunting as a distant train whistle in the dead of night. A deep, rich mezzo-soprano voice can be mezmerizing. Put them together in a cantata in memory of the victims of September 11 and you have a powerful combination indeed... The work is brilliantly and sparingly orchestrated. The first section, "Impatience," is chant-like and gripping from start to finish... The second movement, "City of Peace," has the bustling feel of a big city alive with energy... The third section, "Attack," is especially poignant and powerful... The fourth movement, "Flight," is one of urgency and a yearning for peace and unity among all people."

--Bill Rice, Albany Daily Gazette, 9/13/02.

"Einhorn uses a collage of phrases from the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim holy books to show that all religions stem from the same source. The music is evocative, mystical, mostly tonal and quite beautiful. Mezzo-soprano Lucille Beer sang the words in English with lush rich tones. [Robert] Bonfiglio's harmonica seemed like a disembodied voice as his lines interwove or punctuated."

--Geraldine Freedman, Glen Falls Post Star, 9/13/02.

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