May 2012

"The Shooting Gallery", an exciting collaboration between filmmaker Bill Morrison and Richard Einhorn, was announced in the May 21st issue of The New York Times as a part of BAM's Next Wave Festival. Be sure to check in with BAM for ticket orders.

Thanks, Joe Deninzon of Statospheerius for the name check and the kind words about my music in New York Rock Music Examiner!

"That was a piece called, 'Red Angels' written by Richard Einhorn. I was the second musician to ever play it; the first was Mary Rowell. She was a friend of mine who recommended me to that engagement. It was a solo electric violin and dance recital. It was one of my great experiences."

Check out the press release for the upcoming May 13th performance of Variations on La Folia, to be performed by Parthenia at the Queens New Music Festival.

"Parthenia's program will include Richard Einhorn's Variations on La Folia for treble, tenor and 2 bass violas da gamba, composed for them in 2011. The ground bass theme known as "La Folia" has captured the imagination of composers since Renaissance times. It is a seductive tune that invites improvised variations ranging in emotion from tender nostalgia to bold confrontation. Vivaldi, Corelli and the viol virtuoso Marin Marais, all wrote extended sets of variations on the "Folia" for one or two players; Einhorn's set is the first-ever for a quartet of viols. The traditional key of d minor is retained for starters, but Einhorn quickly explores other keys, and even gets away from the strict 3/4 meter. Dramatic solos for each member of Parthenia add interest and excitement."

Esopus, the wonderfully eclectic arts magazine, has included an excerpt of my new piece Etude for Piano: Pentatonics. Click here to view the issue online, then click on the CD icon in the lower-left corner to listen to the piece.

The Sinfonia Players of New York will be performing A Carnival of Miracles in June! Scroll down to the end of the link page to see the details.

April 2012

Random Access Music announces the Queens New Music Festival which will feature a performance of Variations on La Folia by Parthenia in May 2012. A very exciting event worth checking out!

Nice words from Greg Mulligan in The Baltimore Sun about the BSO's performance of Voices of Light in Berkeley.

"...mesmerizing...Richard Einhorn's score beautifully magnifies the intense emotion contained in the silent film from 1928, "The Passion of Joan of Arc." The audience watched and listened silently, befitting the quiet intensity of much of the film, and gave all the performers a nice ovation."

March 2012

Terrific article in The Huffington Post about the upcoming performance of Voices of Light in Berkeley with Marin Alsop and the Baltimore Symphony!

A great interview on SF Classical Voice with Richard for the upcoming Berkeley, California performance of Voices of Light.

Another terrific review of The Scientist, this time at the Lobrero Theatre in Santa Barbara.

"Two of the evening's most memorable moments, however, came on pieces that were written in this century, not the 13th...'The Scientist,' a quirky piece commissioned by New York's public radio station WNYC, showed both Anonymous 4 and composer Richard Einhorn at their absolute best, combining the group's ravishing harmonies with minimalist overlapping rhythms to great effect."

Great review of Anonymous 4's performance of The Scientist at Miami Beach Society's
Tropical Baroque Festival!

"Richard Einhorn's The Scientist was a perfect fit, setting a short, repeated text in unison, then sliding rhythmic imitation, and finally the resonant harmonies Anonymous 4 performs so well."

Excellent review from Tim Smith at the Baltimore Sun for the BSO's performance of Voices of Light.

"an affecting musical score...The aural experience emanating from the musical forces onstage proved just as powerful, guided by Marin Alsop with calm authority and expressive richness...The conductor seemed deeply connected to Einhorn's fusion of medieval chant and gentle minimalist flavoring, which provides a poignant counterpoint to the often hard-to-watch imagery on screen...Rather than playing the traditional role of a click-track film score, the music is more a reflection on the action than a depiction of it, with texts drawn from scripture, poetry of Joan's time and more...The BSO summoned a beautiful patina of instrumental coloring on Friday, helping to cast a spell as hypnotic as Dreyer's masterpiece."

February 2012

Click here to read a great review of Nuclear Savage

Maxwell's Demon was featured in Ulysses Dove's Red Angels this February, performed by the Grand Rapids Ballet Company. Read the "sizzling" review.

Click here to hear Lisa Terry of Parthenia performing Study for Viol 3 with scores which are available at The Viola da Gamba Society of America's web site. Look for an interview with Richard & Lisa Terry in the VDGSA's December 2011 newsletter (subscription required).

Anonymous 4 got a great review for their recent performance in Boston, which featured Richard Einhorn's "The Scientist" from A Carnival of Miracles.

Click here for a video of Parthenia's world premiere performance of Variations on La Follia.

January 2012

Recently, music critic Mark Longaker had this to say about
Parthenia's performance of Richard Einhorn's Variations on La Follia,
which was premiered on 10/22/11 in New York City:

"It is truly a wonderful performance, full of invention, variety and a timeless character that conveys a sense of music simultaneously ancient and modern."

Voices of Light will be performed twice this year at the American Choral Directors Association's southern conference. Performances will be conducted by Dr. Welborn Young, and will feature the Bel Canto Company and members of the UNCG orchestra.

The conference thought so much of the piece that they made Voices of Light the theme of the conference.

November 2011

The story of the Marshall Island nuclear tests is one of the least known, and one of the most horrific, abuses of American power in our lifetimes. Richard is proud to have contributed music to a new, incredibly powerful documentary, Nuclear Savage, about these tests and their effects on the Marshall Islanders. It premieres on November 17 in Amsterdam.

October 2011

WNYC's Soundcheck with John Schaefer featured an extensive
interview with Richard Einhorn about hearing loops on 10/26/11.

Click to listen to a stream of the broadcast.

Richard Einhorn was featured in this month's most emailed article in
the New York Times, "A Hearing Aid That Cuts Out All the Clatter".

Click here to read the article.

JULY 2011

Einhorn's Maxwell's Demon Performed in Germany

Dr. Sarah Plum will be performing Einhorn's Maxwell's Demon #4 at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof on August 25th.

APRIL 2011

The Passion of Joan of Arc Featured on the Front Page of The NY Times Website

The New York Times recently published a video review of Dreyer's film The Passion of Joan of Arc on the front page, featuring Voices of Light by Richard Einhorn. See the review here.

November 2010

New video of Annie's Memorial from The Origin

A new video has been posted to the web featuring excerpts from the piece Annie's Memorial off of Richard Einhorn's new CD release THE ORIGIN. The music is presented along with a photo montage of material from Richard's archive of photos related to Charles Darwin, his family, and his work. Please visit YouTube and enjoy!

November 2010

New CD available! Music from the motion picture DEAD OF WINTER

Independent record label Kritzerland just released a digitally remastered limited edition CD of Richard Einhorn's score to the hair-raising thriller Dead of Winter (MGM Pictures), directed by Arthur Penn (Bonnie and Clyde, Alice's Restaurant, Little Big Man), starring Mary Steenburgen, Roddy McDowell, and Jan Rubes. Kritzerland calls the music one of the best thriller scores from the 1980's and Dead of Winter is one of Richard's all-time favorite film scores. The CD features the entire score in film order (over 20 tracks), followed by a short suite of alternate cues. This new release of Dead of Winter is mastered from Richard Einhorn's personal library of digital tapes, which were in perfect condition. For additional information about the Dead of Winter soundtrack and to hear some audio samples and place your order today please visit Kritzerland.

September 2010

New CD available! Music from THE ORIGIN

This new 2010 release features six songs from THE ORIGIN performed acapella by the acclaimed female Balkan vocal ensemble KITKA. Be the first to purchase a signed hard copy of the new work by Richard Einhorn below. The CD is also available for purchase on iTunes and other online digital stores. To listen to some audio samples from the CD please visit Richard's audio page here.


September 2010

Stellar Review of Voices of Light in Toronto Film Festival

The 2010 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) hosted a full performance of Voices of Light in conjunction with a screening of Carl Dreyer's The Passion of Joan of Arc. The show was the Toronto debut of Voices of Light and featured the Toronto Consort and Choir 21, conducted by maestro David Fallis. Last night's performance was a part of TIFF's "Essential Cinema Concerts" series and was heralded by the festival as a "must-see" part of the program and an article by John Terauds of The Toronto Star describes the film and music as "multimedia at its finest." A repeat performance will be held tonight, Wednesday September 29 in TIFF's exciting new film and multimedia complex the Bell Lightbox. For more information on the Tornto Internation Film Festival please visit their website.

August 2010

Red Angels to be featured in City Ballet's 2010 "Fall for Dance Festival"

Acclaimed choreographer Ulysses Dove's modern ballet Red Angels (1994) fetauring Richard Einhorn's original piece for electric violin Maxwell's Demon, will be featured as part of the New York City Ballet's Fall for Dance Fetsival at City Center in New York City. The 2010 festival runs from September 28th - October 9th and Red Angels will perform in Program Two: Thursday, September 30 and Friday, October 1. The program also fetaures Company Rafaelo Carrasco from Spain, Bill T. Jones/ Arnie Zane Dance Company, and the U.S. debut of Companhia de Danca of Brazil. This is sure to be a wonderful evening of dance and music. For complete details and ticket information please visit the City Ballet website.

July 2010

Summer performances of Red Angels praised in news

Two recent perfromances of Ulysses Dove's dance piece Red Angels which features Richard Einhorn's electric violin piece "Maxwell's Demon," were given great reviews in New York and Colorado. A performance by The New York City Ballet, as part of their summer season in Saratoga Springs, was given a review by Joseph Dalton in Albany's Times Union newspaper. In addition, the Pacific Northwest Ballet performed "Red Angels" at the Vail International Dance Festival in Vail, Colorado. The Vail Daily's Lauren Glendenning wrote a rave review about the performance and the music by Richard Einhorn.

July 2010

More praise for Voices of Light

In an article discussing the contemporary ensemble "Alloy Orchestra" who perform live music to silent films, journalist Michael McDonagh writes in The Bay Area Reporter "...Dreyer's The Passion of Joan of Arc would be almost unwatchable without music, and I think Richard Einhorn's score for it is probably the best silent film score ever written." Also check out the great review written by Landon Palmer of the online magazine Film School Rejects who writes some great stuff in a full article about the Criterion Collection's The Passion of Joan of Arc DVD.

May 2010

Voices of Light praised in online magazine

A recent article by Jeffrey Goodman in Moviemaker magazine, speaks to moviemakers and the movie indutsry about his longstanding appreciation for Voices of Light.

April 2010

Richard Einhorn's THE ORIGIN new release now available on iTunes

THE ORIGIN is a multimedia oratorio in celebration of the life and work of Charles Darwin, one of the world's greatest and most influential thinkers. Scored for soloists, chorus, orchestra, female Balkan vocal group, and video projections, the piece centers upon the making of Darwin's masterwork: The Origin of Species. As its libretto, THE ORIGIN uses texts drawn exclusively from Darwin's deeply eloquent writing. Some of the texts are autobiographical, such as Darwin's private notes on the profound loss of his ten-year-old daughter. However, Darwin's struggle is the main subject as he develops and enthusiastically describes his theory of evolution by natural selection, which is often praised as "the single best idea anyone has ever had." The new 2010 release of THE ORIGIN features six songs from the full work performed acapella by the acclaimed female vocal group KITKA. The CD is available on iTunes and other online digital stores and will be available for hard copy purchases through the composer’s website.

March 2010

Richard Einhorn's Red Angels performed by PNB

The internationally acclaimed Pacific Northwest Ballet presented a number of performances of "Red Angels" which features Richard Einhorn's work for solo electric violin Maxwell's Demon . The piece was presented in a special show titled "3 by Dove" which highlighted selected works by the late choreographer Ulysses Dove. Read Michael van Baker's review of the show from the Seattle paper "The Sun Break." For additional information about the show "3 by Dove" and to learn more about the Pacific Northwest Ballet visit their website.

March 2010

Richard Einhorn's Maxwell's Demon #4 in Australia

Australian violinist and member of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Sarah Curro, will be performing Richard Einhorn's work for solo electric violin, Maxwell's Demon #4, as part of a lecture recital for the University of Melbourne. Maxwells' Demon #4 will be presented alongside works by Biber, Kreutzer, and Paganini amongst others, in a concert series organized by the University College of the Univeristy of Melbourne. The recital titled "The History of The Violin" will be performed on April 8, 2010 at 7:30pm. For additional information please visit the University College website.

February 2010

Voices of Light kicks off 2010 with critical acclaim

Richard Einhorn's Voices of Light continues to garner praise from critics and audiences alike. 2010 has already seen several performances of Einhorn's oratorio to the silent film "The Passion of Joan of Arc" in the United States and abroad. Recent audiences have responded with rave reviews in several newspapers and online publications. The January performance by The Grand Rapids Symphony Youth Chorus and Chamber Orchestra (Michigan) was reviewed by Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk of the Grand Rapids Press who stated that Voices of Light is "...timeless in it's appeal." Another great response followed the January performance of Voices of Light in North Bay, Ontario by the North Bay Symphony Orchestra and Near North Voices (Nipissing University's Community Choir). An extraordinary letter of praise was written to the Editor of the North Bay Nugget by Lesley Lovett-Doust, President and Vice-Chancellor of Nippissing University in Ontario, Canada.

January 2010

ARTSWEGO Wins CMA/ASCAP Adventurous Programming Award for 2009

ARTSWEGO, the performing arts organization of the State University of New York At Oswego won a CMA/ASCAP Adventurous Programming Award for the 2009 season. It was during that season that Artswego presented the world premiere of Richard Einhorn's oratorio celebrating Charles Darwin, The Origin to both critical and audience acclaim. Mary Avrakotos is the coordinator of SUNY Oswego’s Artswego Performing Arts Series.

December 2009

Voices of Light additional U.S. and Canada performances announced for 2010

Richard Einhorn's Voices of Light will have several performances in the U.S. and Canada in January, 2010. The Grand Rapids Symphony in Grand Rapids, Michigan will be giving three performances of Voices of Light alongside Carl Dryer's 1928 silent film masterpiece The Passion of Joan of Arc: Voices of Light. The special concert is scheduled for Januray 28-30. Also on January 30, 2010, in North Bay, Ontario, Near North Voices, Nipping University's Community Choir will present a performance of Voices of Light at St. Andrews United Church. Please visit the Events page to find complete details about specific performances as well as links for more information about the concert.

November 2009

Voices of Light to be performed by The Orpheus Choir in Bern, Switzerland

Richard Einhorn's Voices of Light will have three performances by the acclaimed Orpheus Choir in Französische Kirche (French Church), the oldest church in Bern, Switzerland. The special concert scheduled for Januray 28-30, 2010 will be a complete live performance and screening of Voices of Light. Please visit the Events page to see performance dates as well as links for more information about the concert.

July 2009

Red Angels in Pacific Northwest Ballet's 09-10 Season

The Pacific Northwest Ballet of Seattle, WA will feature selected works of the late choreographer Ulysses Dove in their 09-10 season. Of Dove's selected works, Red Angels with music from Richard Einhorn's Maxwell's Demon will be performed at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival in Becket, MA as well as the Marion Olive McCaw Hall in Seattle, WA. Click on the "events" page to find dates, as well as links to the events.

May 2009

'VOL' in Cannes

"The Fire of the Dove-Epilogue" from Richard Einhorn's Voices of Light will be heard in the film Altiplano, which was selected for the "La Semaine de la Critique" competition at the 2009 Cannes film festival in May. According to imdb, Altiplano is about a former war photographer and her physician husband who are caught up in a riot when locals in an Andean village vent their unhappiness with contamination from a nearby mine. The film is written and directed by Peter Brosens and Jessica Hope Woodworth and stars Magaly Solier, Jasmin Tabatabai, and Olivier Gourmet.

April 2009

'Origin' TV broadcast on WCNY

On Sunday, June 14th at 11:00PM, WCNY-TV will air a documentary on the making and permiere of The Origin. Go to WCNY's Broadcast Coverage and Channels Information to see if you can view the broadcast.

2-hour 'Origin' special on Classic-FM

On Saturday, June 20th from 6:00-8:00PM, WCNY-FM "Classic-FM" will program a 2-hour special of The Origin. The program will be part of an ongoing series called "The Concert Hall with Bill Baker." Go to WCNY-FM's Listen Now page to hear the program! You can also listen to Classic-FM on 91.3 in Syracuse, 89.5 in Utica, and 90.9 in Washington.

Video excerpt of 'Origin'

A Great Tree (excerpt) from Bill Morrison on A Great Tree excerpt from The Origin

Maxwell's Demon performed in Melbourne, Australia

Maxwell's Demon #4 was performed at the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne, Australia back on November 23rd, 2008. It opened at VOLUME, a program of commissions and contemporary music for violin and percussion. Sarah Curro performed the piece on an electric prototype violin by Paul Davies. Here is Sarah performing the work:

Volume - Maxwell's Demon
Volume - Maxwell's Demon

March 2009

TV News coverage of 'Origin'

Station News 10 of central New York was at SUNY Oswego to cover the premiere of The Origin. Watch the story on or download the video. (Mac users will need Flip4Mac to view properly)

World premiere of 'Origin' a huge success

On February 6 and 7, the State University of New York at Oswego presented the world premiere of Richard Einhorn's new opera/oratorio: The Origin. Under the musical direction of Julie Pretzat, this 105-minute work featured such artists as filmmaker Bill Morrison, the Kitka Women's Vocal Ensemble, soprano Jacqueline Horner, and baritone Eric Johnson. The performance also included several Oswego ensembles, such as the SUNY Oswego College Choir, Oswego College-Community Orchestra, and the Oswego Festival Chorus. Local reporters from various newspapers and television news stations were there to cover the event. In addition, WCNY-TV filmed the performance for a special broadcast in April 2009. To see what they said, click on these links:

Darwin's work evolves into music - The Post-Standard

Composer's opera-oratorio honors Charles Darwin - The Post-Journal (AP)

World premiere of 'Origin' presents Darwin's life, work -

On the origins of 'Origin' - The Post-Standard

Musical epic evolves at Oswego - The Post-Standard

'The Origin' teams music students and professionals -

For more information, please email us at richardein at mac dot com.

April 2008

The creation of The Origin

Richard is composing The Origin, a new multimedia oratorio about the life of Charles Darwin. The Origin will feature the women's ensemble Kitka and soprano Jacqueline Horner and will include films by Bill Morrison.

"This is the first full-length musical work on the life of the groundbreaking scientist," according to Einhorn.

The premiere will take place in February 2009, which is the bicentennial month of Darwin's birth. The work is presented by ARTSwego under the direction of Dr. Julie Pretzat. Funding for The Origin was made possible by grants from Meet the Composer, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the New York State Music Fund. gets updated was recently updated with a new design and current content. Please contact Richard with any comments or suggestions regarding the website.